Web Gallery: Luca Lazar (a.k.a. Luka Lasareishvili)


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In Moving Stills 3 the motion in space suggests a seeming fluidity. Nevertheless each particle in the works of this series exists in its own defined boundaries, exact size and precise direction, thereby creating an absorbent vibration that has simultaneously converging as well as diverging features. In their individual distinctiveness, as well as in their cohesive collectivity the particles interact with the background of the exposed, untreated canvas. The entirety of movement and course of all elements in ostensible chaos, yet concrete formative structure when looked upon from a distance, render the works a transcendent reflective quality.

Moving Stills, that comprises 3 sub-series, came about in a process of continuous serial production, where each work -having its own chain reaction- led to new ideas for ongoing minimal abstract explorations. There where explorative notions shifted and led to new paradigms in the work, the new sub-series evolved, that vary inherently and resulted in the Moving Stills 1, 2 and 3. In Moving Stills 3, in contrast to the visibly meticulous correctness of the first two sub-series, the paintings imply an amplified volatility. Nevertheless, they are deprived of any incidental, unintentional influences that might distract from their subtleness, efficiency and lucidity of their overall effect.