Web Gallery: LJ Lindhurst


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LJ Lindhurst was born in Antonia, Missouri in 1969. A graduate of Webster University in St. Louis, Lindhurst studied art with acclaimed video artist Van McElwee, and took part in some of the earliest experiments with interactive digital video. She has a professional background in graphic design, broadcasting, and sign/mural painting.

In 1996, Lindhurst was awarded honorable mention by art historian Barbara Rose at the 59th Annual Juried Midyear Exhibition of the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. In 2002, she was commissioned to paint The Presidents and the Vice-Presidents, a series of nine black-and-white portraits for Mindshare Internet Campaigns in Washington, DC, which are currently on permanent lobby exhibit in their offices. Several pieces are also in the collection of the Center For Democracy and Technology in Washington, DC,

LJ Lindhurst lives and works in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn.