Web Gallery: Keun Young Park


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Objects cannot simply be defined by constant terms. They are changing continuously, even while often in appearance and position they are fixed. This is a reality that I have reflected upon greatly in recent work, as I have come to realize that everything has such a diverse set of meanings and possible forms. I hesitate to define, for reality is ambiguous for me. However, recognizing and accepting the multiplicity of meanings possessed by each and every substance, I have instead sought to unveil new interpretations of my surrounding reality. Possibilities and variations are innumerable, and so by ridding myself of the futile pursuit of a sole definition, I have set myself on a never-ending journey of discovery.

In my recent work, I have attempted to capture the boundless visions of reality. At points I have projected images of myself onto the broader scene of the environment, and I have analyzed objects in different perspectives of the same reality. My work has not limited the form or material of the subject I study. Rather, I have sought, through continual experimentation, to provide a glimpse of the multi-faced nature of nature itself.