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  • Animation
    • 2004 Braunschweig International Film Festival, Braunschweig Germany
    • 2004 Annecy Animation Festival, Annecy France
    • 2003 TIAF Taiwan International Animation Festival, Taipei Taiwan
    • 2002 Annecy Animation Festival, Annecy, France
    • 2002 Tokyo Museum, Tokyo Japan
    • 2002 SIAF, Seoul Korea
    • 2002 Hiroshima Animation Festival, Hiroshima, Japan
    • 2002 ChunCheon Animation Festival, ChunCheon Korea), Awarded “Bronze”
    • 2002 Resfest Digital Film Festival, Seoul, Korea
    • 2002 SENEF, Seoul, Korea, “Honorable Mention”
    • 2002 San Diego Asian Film Festival, San Diego U.S.A.
    • 2002 Seoul Cartoon•AniCarnival, Seoul, Korea
    • 2002 Animation Center Special Screening, Seoul, Korea
    • 2001 Brazilian Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
    • 2001 Siggraph, San Antonio, U.S.A.
    • 2001 New York Animation Festival, New York U.S.A., “Best Use of Computer/Digital Animation”
    • 1996 SICAF, Seoul, Korea
  • Cartoon
    • 1996 Seoul International Cartoon Festival, Seoul, Korea, “Honorable Mention”


  • 2005 Visual Arts Gallery, ‘Inclination of Time’, video installation
  • 2003 Engine 27, ‘Fetus’s Dream’, sound installation with Jimmy Chim, Alex So
  • 2003 Siggraph, Art Gallery, ‘Inclination of Time’, video installation


  • 2005 SVA Amphitheater


  • 2002 Siggraph, Sketch & Application, ‘Dynamic Skin Deformation & Animation Controls using Maya Cloth for Facial Animation’ with Jimmy Chim.


  • 2004 School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Arts, Scholarship “Dean’s Grant”
  • 2001 Pratt Institute BFA Computer Graphics, ‘Best Animation’, ‘Best Special Effects’, ‘Best Sound Editing’