Web Gallery: Heejung Cho


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I create transparent sculptural installations by exploring my visual language to be able to communicate with people by transcending cultural knowledge. In coming to this country, it became clear to me that my natural judgments and perceptions were being challenged by being immersed in the English language and culture. Experiencing this cultural uprooting and feelings of alienation have led me to move deeply into exploring the essence of communication. I want to create my visual language in order to communicate my emotional experience by transcending cultural knowledge and language. My current experience living in the U.S. has fueled this work; my desire to communicate and realizing the ineptness of language at expressing certain levels of meaning, especially when one is living in a foreign country.

I start each work by drawing my everyday life with hairs or taking pictures of obsessions and habits, which have personal meaning. I collage and rearrange them under the layers of transparent tape to save my past. Each work has meaningful images which are records of my daily experience. I often use transparent tapes to make the overlapping images blur my past memories which are becoming abstract and opaque. With these elements of documentation, I create imaginary space, which hold the emotion of moving between the past and the present. In addition, people are able to decipher my unfamiliar visual language by seeing only partial images from the installation.