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Doron Altaratz is a new media artist living and working in New York City. Born and raised in Israel, he holds a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art & Design (Israel) and a Masters degree from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program. His artwork has been shown in galleries in New York as well as in Europe; The Chelsea Art Museum, NYC , Synchronicity Place - Fine Art Gallery (NYC), Exground Filmfest (Germany), The New York Film & Video Festival (NYC), and Ascola Art & Design Gallery (Israel), to name a few. Doron’s work has been broadcasted in several productions in the US and abroad, including Unitygain, on Manhattan cable, and the Eye Wash DVD.Doron Altaratz is the producer and curator of the Compact Impact Night events. His artwork has been reviewed by Live Magazine and Tank TV, amongst other publications.

Show Curator

  • Producer and Curator of the Compact Impact Night Vol. 3 and Vol. 4, 2004-2005, Compact Impact store / gallery - 21 Avenue B, NYC

Gallery Art and Video Shows

  • GALAPAGOS Art Space, Friday, June 3, 2005, 70 North 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
  • Food Bank For NYC event Wednesday, May 18, 2005, Food Bank For New York City; 2005 CANS Film Festival, Suger Lounge, 311 Church Street NYC
  • 2nd Annual IMC Expo, from April 14th to 23rd, 2005, at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York City.
  • T-Minus, February 2005, Synchronicity Space, Fine Arts Gallery, 106 W. 13th St. NYC.
  • EXGROUND FILMFEST, November 20, 2004, Ernst-Göbel-Str. 27, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • AVIT LA microevent, November 19, 2004, COCOLICHE, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • New York Film and Video Festival, November 19, 2004, The Art of Vjing AFTER PARTY, Gallery, 7 East 27th St, NYC
  • The Dumbo Arts Festival performance projection, October 16-17, 2004, 68 Jay St, Room 314, Dumbo, NYC
  • EYE WASH VJ performance, April 7, 2004, Remote Lounge, 327 Bowery @ 2nd Street, NYC
  • Ask the robot VJ performance, March 11 2004, The Frying Pan, Pier 63, NYC
  • Unitygain Real-time multi screen video mix and live electro media performances, May 15, 2004, CPUSA, 235 W 23 ST, NYC. The event was broadcasted as a television cablecast on Manhattan cable, June 19, 2004
  • T-Minus Time Lapse Film Festival - The Golden Gate, February 13, 2004, Tonic, 107 Norfolk Street, NYC
  • ITP Summer show, New York University, May 2004
  • Paint By Digits, February 26, 2004, CroBar, 530 West 28th street, NYC
  • Knitting Factory, VJ Performance, 74 Leonard Street NYC September 6, 2003
  • La Superette, The “Golda Meyir Night Lamps” project, CUCHIFRITOS Gallery 120 Essex Street, NYC
  • Ascola Art & Design Gallery, Memorial Design Exhibition, “Bikur Bahar”, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1998
  • Hamumche Art Gallery, “Bikur Bahar”, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1997

Commercial DVD Release

  • The EYE WASH DVD, 2005


  • The Tim Nye 2003 Award, New York University - Tisch School of The Arts.

TV Shows

  • Snack On Art, - march 2005 -Video Art show on Manhattan cable.
  • Art Or Something Like It, CUNY TV, NYC - March 2005
  • Unitygain @ CPUSA, NYC. Real-time multi screen video mix and live electro media performances. The event was broadcasted as a television cablecast on Manhattan cable, 2004
  • BPM - Bip the Israeli cable channel - Israel; 2000, A Live studio set with DJ Yahel
  • BPM - Bip the Israeli cable channel - Israel; 2000, A Live studio set "back to back" with Astral Projects and Infected Mushroom

Documentary Film

  • A documentary movie (still in its production stage) about the VJ culture of NYC – will be released in 2005

Internet Publications

  • LIVE MAGAZINE, work review, December, 2004
  • Tank TV, Tank Magazine online reviews, October-November, 2004
  • VJ Central, work review, April, 2004
  • Video Art Dot Net - work review, December, 2004

Guest Lecturer

  • Guest artist lecturer at the Photography Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, January 12, 2005, Jerusalem, Israel

Newspapers Reviews

  • Time out – Eye Wash event
  • Haaretz –10/24/1997 about Bikur Bahar project
  • Kol Ha-Hir 8/1/1997 about Bikur Bahar project
  • Kol Ha Ir – VJ’s in Jerusalem, 2001
  • La-Isha Magazine – “The Passion” at The Israel Festival Street Festival – 1990

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