About SMARTS Gallery


SMARTS Gallery helps talented international artists and designers advance their creative careers. Aside from presenting their artwork, we help them understand their work in the context of the art market, and to develop effective presentation skills and documents. Click here for more information.






SMARTS Gallery is dedicated to showing the work of international artists and designers who reside in New York. We are part of NY SMARTS, which serves the broader aim of providing international artists and designers resources through which they can most fully engage in the New York arts and design scene. These resources include:

  • Language training by tutors who have a solid background in art and design.
  • Lectures and events to help non-native artists gain exposure to important and relevant knowledge.
  • Career development services to help international artists effectively present their work to prospective galleries, museums and grants.
  • The SMARTS Gallery which offers our international and American community of artists a venue to display and promote their work.
  • An on-line forum where international artists can share information on events and issues of concern to them.

NY SMARTS is as much about its community as its services. Our tutors, lecturers and consultants have solid credentials in art and design, and many are drawn from New York’s top art museums, art magazines and art schools. Interaction between our students and staff fosters a two-way exchange of artistic vision that transcends the limitations of any particular language or culture. In this way, it is our hope that NY SMARTS will inspire its community, leading students and tutors alike to develop strong new expressions in art and design.

Artists and designers come to New York to share a dream: to learn English, to develop their art, and to be part of the world-famous New York art scene. NY SMARTS brings all this together — what better way is there to fulfill this dream than talking about art with artists, learning English by working with them, and making connections within the New York artist community?

For more information on NY SMARTS, please visit the NY SMARTS website.