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SMARTS Gallery helps talented international artists and designers advance their creative careers. Aside from presenting their artwork, we help them understand their work in the context of the art market, and to develop effective presentation skills and documents. Click here for more information.






SMARTS Gallery is proud to present the artwork of Heejung Cho, Jin-Yeoul Jung, Songyi Kim, and Keun Young Park, whose work was selected from over 100 participants who responded to our recent call for entries. A show featuring the work of Keun Young Park is taking place November 2 through 18, and Heejung Cho was featured in a previous show. Click here to see details of a previous show, Cognitive Being, which featured the work of Brian Felsen and Hyunsuk Kim.]

SMARTS Gallery is dedicated to showing the work of international artists and designers who reside in the New York area. We have several select shows throughout the year. We currently seek talented people to submit their work for our Spring 2008 Call for Entries.





keun young park


young-nim yoon


andrea gustafson


heejung cho


songyi kim


jin yeoul jung


luca lazar

allyson lubow

yen ting chuang


brian felsen


sangmin lee


komaki yamakawa


yujung suh


lj lindhurst


matina sukhahuta


hyo-joeng nam


hyunsuk kim




doron altaratz